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Apr 25 2013

In which there are thoughts on a Thursday

I haven’t brought work home from school during the week for a long time.  Call it Senioritis, call it work place efficiency, call it whatever you want.   Whatever it is, I dragged a lovely and inspiring pile of student work home with me tonight, and settled down to spend 3 hours alternatively snacking and slaughtering papers with my long dormant grading pen.

Here were my thoughts:

  1. You’re in sixth grade.  You really can’t spell “first”?  WHO IS YOUR ELA TEACHER?
    (darn… that would be me)
  2. You’re in sixth grade.  You really can’t spell “knot,” when it’s written in huge font on both sides of the paper?
  3. What is it about grading that makes teachers hate it and non-teachers crave it?  My roommate rarely gets to grade for me, but she acts like it’s Christmas every time I let her.  Bless her heart.
  4.  Pictures of kittens on buzzfeed are a lot more interesting than this assignment.
  5. The omnipresent dust bunny on my ceiling is a lot more interesting than this assignment.
  6. Is it too soon to start a post-it countdown until the last day of school?
  7. Do I have enough post-its for  a post-it countdown?


2 Responses

  1. G

    I can completely and totally relate to this…I’ve been counting down since the beginning of the year…

  2. #3!!! So true. So strange.

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