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Feb 14 2013

In which there is February 14th

A really long time ago there was this guy named St. Valentine.  He lived in Rome and there was something about weddings.  It’s really interesting, you should learn about it some time.

(Yes I just wrote that paragraph.  Yes I spent today in a writing PD.  Yes I should probably be ashamed of myself.  Oops?)

I have often measured time by February 14ths.  Not because I’m an ooey gooey romantic or anything; I think it has more to do with being six weeks after New Years.  It makes it something of a checkpoint or a benchmark – arguably the first of the year.

Anyway, this year I have some observations to share.

  1. Being a teacher on Valentine’s Day is MUCH more fun when you’re pulled out for Professional Development AND you have a good sub.  I had the opportunity to find pre-teen romantic excess adorable rather than immensely irritating.  It’s EVEN more fun when it’s a Thursday before a four day child-free weekend.
  2. People say funny things on social media on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe the candy shuts down filters?  I’m not sure.
  3. Popping in on your classroom full of sugar laced/hormone fueled adolescents and having them immediately shut their mouths and say – MAN MS. B REALLY IS HERE TODAY – is incredibly satisfying.
  4. Middle school Valentinian politics have gotten much more complicated than when I was a kid.  Children today gifted each other with cupcakes, enormous stuffed animals, and fresh flowers.  In my youth we maybe gave our friends a fun-sized bag of skittles, but then we called it a day.
  5. Today my principal brought cupcakes for FEMALE STAFF MEMBERS ONLY.  This seemed perhaps bizarrely homophobic?  Or just ragingly sexist?  I haven’t really decided yet.
  6. Ultimately, this is a hilarious holiday.  Middle schoolers (and people who spend too much time around middle schoolers) are hilarious people.  Secretly, I love my job.


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  1. Pj

    One of my former students announced today he hated Valentine’s day…too expensive…7th grade student…wow! I, too, found the day a lot different from when I, or even my children, were younger. Two of your students approached me with, “Do you ave anything I can give my Valentine?” I am the “go to” person I guess. The day was long…n dull..except for the surprise I found at my door this morning! I had more to say…but you will have to highlight in yellow to get it out of me!

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