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Jan 04 2013

In which I can write a friendly letter

Ms. B
Room 374
January 4, 2013

Dear children of Room 374,

I am writing this note, in friendly letter format, because after two weeks without my priceless insight, you’re probably in the mood for some light reading.

Here are some of the things that I have done since December 21st:

  1. Read some books, many of them on my independent reading level.
  2. Flown in an airplane to the magical land of New Jersey.
  3. Looked at a lot of SUPER COOL Greek myths for our next unit.
  4.  Eaten cookies.
  5. Missed some of you, like occasionally.  Not that I have feelings and stuff, it was just, you know, once in awhile.
  6. Watched a lot of TV (shhhhh…  Our little secret).

I’m hoping you had nice Christmases too.  In my imagination you did a lot more of #1 than you did of #6.  That’s true, right?

In just a couple of days we’ll be back to fun occasional amusement learning babysitting school.  I’ve even already made a BRAND NEW SEATING CHART.  Just for you.  You’re welcome.  Merry Christmas.

Can’t wait until you come back, friends.  We have 90 more days together in 374, and then the 121 of us will be off to new classrooms when August comes around again.  So what do you say, ready to get some stuff done?

Love, and all that other sentimental stuff,

Ms. B

P.S. Extra credit if you can tell me the part of friendly letter format that I had to leave out because the computer wouldn’t let me do it.

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