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Dec 28 2012

In which there is winter break-itis

I have this fantasy that I will unit plan out the rest of the year in the next two hours, leaving time to bond with my family, reconnect with high school friends, fly back to STL, clean my apartment, determine my fate for next year, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc…


That’s a lot of etceteras*.  You probably get the picture.

[*NB - spell check wanted this to be "cafeterias."  People are making more and more worrisome spelling errors, evidently.]

It is both invigorating and annoying to plan during a break.  It’s invigorating because you suddenly have ample time to browse Pinterest for adorable and rigorous projects, hours upon hours to devote to finding the right resources and figuring out the right times to use them.  It’s annoying, because eventually you realize that you’re perhaps a bit too optimistic about the post-Christmas Crazy children that will walk into your classroom.   This juxtaposition of motivations exists, by the way, even when you follow your mother’s mandate of not working before December 27th.

I also oddly miss my children this year, which neither adds to, nor subtracts from, my internal motivation.

Nevertheless, I will continue to oscillate between frantic typing, idle knitting, active television viewing, and obsessive nail painting.


And as I read that sentence, I have to admit: life can be pretty great as a teacher.

2 Responses

  1. I tend to spend too much time planning one great project, only to hit the weekend before school starts and realize I haven’t planned anything practical for the rest of the first week back.

    I just started learning to knit today. Hope it becomes more “idle” when I’m less terrible at it.

    • katb

      YES. And also trying to remember that the whole first day is just, “here’s how we sit down and raise our hands,” again.

      Re knitting – when you master the back and forth/able to watch TV at the same time part, it is the best of things.

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