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Oct 28 2012

In which it’s [almost] November, re-mixed edition

Friends, a major event of my teaching career occurred this week.

I discovered a chalk board eraser.

To you, this may seem small.  But since a child stole mine in February of last year, I have used a combination of old raggedy towels and wet wipes to clean my chalkboard on a daily basis.  When I happened upon one in a computer lab this week, I didn’t stop, I didn’t think, I just purloined.

Laws of the jungle, my friends.

This was an exceptionally joyous happenstance, because it came the week before a moment I have been anticipating for what seems like eons, namely, the erasing of the word, “October,” from my chalkboard.

TGIAN (Thank God It’s Almost November).

Last year at this time, I had a naive notion that magical influences from Not-October-Land would pervade my classroom and solve my problems (  This year, I am far too jaded and cynical for that.

I am NOT, however, too jaded and cynical to rejoice in the fact that I will spend only 14 more days with children before I board a plane and fly home to New Jersey, my Motherland/Fatherland/BigBrotherland.

Don’t get me wrong.  Ms. B loves her little angels.  She’s also ready to be 7 states away from them for a few days.




Let’s just hope the East Coast isn’t all washed away by Frankenstorm by then.

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