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Oct 21 2012

In which there are nine weeks

Here is the good news.

Nine weeks remain in the second quarter of the 2012-2013 school year.

Of those nine weeks, seven are being cropped by district professional development, external professional development, and one free standing personal day.

There are five weeks before Thanksgiving (thanks Southwest Airlines, my flight is, “just around the corner,” indeed).  Coincidentally, all five of those weeks fall into the short week category.

Of the four weekends that stand between me, Philadelphia, and eating three kinds of pie with my dad after everyone else has gone to sleep, I get to spend two of them on the road in cities in which I know not a single eleven year old.

[By the way, I want to be Canadian.  The teachers of the Great North must be so much less burned out in October, thanks to that one precious three day weekend for the great and glorious Canadian Thanksgiving.  Also if I were Canadian, my future wouldn't be hanging in the precarious balance of that election thing that's coming up soon.  It's a moot point, really, because like all die hard partisans I swear I'm heading for the border if my guy loses.]

And EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS (are you feeling the sunshine and rainbows yet?  FEEL THEM!):

  1. I finally have 5th grade SRI data for about 40% of my kids.  [SRI = Scholastic Reading Inventory - it's a computer based reading test which gives a lexile level and grade level equivalent]
  2. I finally get to GIVE the SRI to 100% of my kids.
    [By the way, scared that I'm turning into a TFA-DATA-BOT.  If I start talking in mastery percentages, just put me out of my misery]
  3. 63 parents showed up for parent-teacher conferences, which means that I got to strike fear into the hearts of about 50% of my children.  [Fellow teachers - rejoice with me about this somewhat rare achievement.]

So with all of these happy, cheerful thoughts, it doesn’t even matter that it’s STILL October (seriously guys?  This month is too long).

It doesn’t matter that The Second Most Dreaded Teacher Holiday is rapidly approaching (that would be Halloween.  The First Most Dreaded Teacher Holiday is Valentine’s Day, which is worse because it involves candy AND hormones).

It doesn’t matter that I have a looming stack of rough drafts to grade (I’m about to institute mandatory handwriting camp).

It doesn’t matter that my laptop is slowly and sadly circling the drain (don’t ask, it hurts too much).

It doesn’t matter that I’m giving a test on Friday which includes two questions about adverbs, a topic I have not yet broached with a single student (I’d gladly tell you why, but I haven’t a good reason).

It doesn’t matter, because there are only nine more weeks until the season of glad tidings and joy is upon us, and even a crabby old Grinch like me can see the silver lining there.





[Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas.  Do not judge, less ye be judged.]

2 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I hate data. Can’t I just teach? What ‘they’ don’t trust me yet? When will they? Maybe when I get students whose parents send them to school with Maslow’s first 3 tiers taken care of, then can I be trusted? {sigh} October is too long.

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