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Oct 14 2012

In which the Octobers descend

Bonjour October.

We knew you would come.

In the yearly voyage of the earth around the sun, October had to come.

October, for those of you who don’t know, is a funny little month, full of parent-teacher conferences, report cards, and sugar crazed adolescents.

And sleepy, sleepy teachers.

Between the most recent state visit (my observer was actually nice to me, go figure), TFA silliness (ongoing), grading windows (closing rapidly), cold and flu season (3 weeks and counting), and NPR membership drives (morning radio has become less joyful), October is the sleepiest time.

We try to pretend that Thanksgiving is imminent, but really it’s still 6 (gulp) weeks in the future, which puts Christmas 10 (urck) weeks away.

And so we feel sleepy.

And the NyQuil stops working on Sunday nights.

And we make requests for external professional development on October 31st.

And we look at the email confirmations for our Thanksgiving flights

And we sigh wistfully.

And then we wake up in the dark hours of Monday mornings, perpetuating our sleepiness, and crossing off the days on the too-slowly diminishing October lunch calendar.

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  1. Jessie

    That’s why the Cards made it to the postseason, to try to keep you awake.

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