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Oct 12 2012

In which I am the lunkhead in the back of the class

[NB: This excerpt was inspired by a brilliant conversation I had in the midst of a highly charged baseball game tonight.  More soon on The Octobers, as they have well and truly arrived.]

Remember the kid who always wore a hoodie to school?  And not just a regular sweatshirt – she wore the same hoodie every day.  When she sat in the back of the classroom, pulled the hood down over her eyes, and rested her head on the desk, she could be a rock.  Or a turtle.  She might have been the dimmest kid in the class, but about 2% of the time she was teaming with hidden genius.

From here, we can have an entire debate about whether it is the teacher who must authentically engage all of his students, turtles or rabbits, tortoises or hares, or whether it is the student’s responsibility to self-engage.

But we won’t digress.

Friends, I have begun to suspect that I am the equivalent of a hoodie wearing lunkhead in the back of TFA’s classroom.  Even when the other children disentangle themselves from their middle school woes to hop on the learnin’ train, my head is still on my desk, my hood is still over my eyes.  Whether or not I am the completely bewildered F student, or the secretly brilliant, Einstein-esque genius, remains to be seen.

Interpret at will.

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