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Aug 14 2012

In which I dig deep

[disclaimer part 1: I wrote this on Saturday.  Today is Tuesday.  There have been children for 2 days.  More on that when there is more on that.]


Things I lost track of this week:

-Number of times people expressed shock and amazement about my glorious and voluntary return to room 374

-Approximately 2,000,000 different TO DO lists in various states of completion

-Many class rosters, which was ok because they were out of date mere minutes after being printed

-The memory of being able to sleep in until 9… or 10… or 11… on a daily basis

-My mind?

I am writing this on my iPad, merely 36 hours before I re-enter my classroom as a teacher rather than an interior decorator.   The posters are hung from the ceiling with care, in hopes that…

Sorry, I thought it was almost Christmas break for a minute.

My bad.

I am personally and professionally somewhat boggled by the concept that I’m diving back in to life with twelve year olds again.  Something about the little angels makes me want to dig in and start the marathon.  Maybe I’m still trying for vindication from my own illustrious middle school career?  Maybe I’m really supposed to be a teacher?  Or maybe, in spite of my ever present denial, I really do care about them and their crazy adolescences.

As much as it pains me to type it, I have been reflecting a lot lately.  You know, thinking about my feelings.  Getting in touch with my softer side (I promise I’ll try to go be a robot again soon, this human thing can’t last long).  I know I wasn’t a great teacher last year (thank you MAP data), but I have convinced myself that that has changed over the past 10 weeks.  My evidence for this is that my posters are 10x more awesome this time around.

But really.

In any event, my twirling, spinning, twisting, revolving, evolving stream of consciousness aside, school starts in 2 days.

Bring it.


[disclaimer part 2: It's been brought.]

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