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Aug 02 2012

In which there is a recipe for productivity

Today, I spent a number of hours propped up at my dining room table, staring at my laptop.

This is not much different from how I spent the majority of the summer, but this time I was staring at MS Word and not at Netflix.

I say propped up, because delicate and graceful flower that I am, I tripped down the stairs on Monday in the midst of carrying heavy boxes of books.  Books for the children.  Yes friends, I sprained my foot – but it was for the children, always for the children.

In any case, while waiting for my extremities to hurt less in the interest of doing the manual labor and literal gymnastics required by the process of setting up a classroom, I thought I should plan a little.  Get a head.  Be productive!

Naturally, instead, I hopped around in my orthopedic boot in order to bake zucchini bread.  Then I wrote a few lesson plans.  Then I straightened my hair.  Then I uploaded documents to my content collaboration site.  Then I refreshed facebook approximately 4,540,320 times.

The only reason I didn’t revert back to Netflix was the presence of an actually productive human being across the table from me.

11 days away from children, 1 day from school meetings, and yet I remain mostly unmotivated.

A friend today told me tales of Teddy Roosevelt’s tough cookie-ness and tried to inspire me with this:

Basically this is the theme of the week.  The doctor at Urgent Care who laughed at me for falling down the stairs (but nicely), then told me he was impressed that I had “manned up” for a day without pain meds.  My good friend Mr. S kindly implied with his tale of Teddy Roosevelt that manning up was the way to get things done.   Furthermore, I’ll Make a Man Out of You has been playing on repeat in my car since last Friday.

So man up, Ms. B (or woman up, to be equal opportunity here).  Time to get to work.

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