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Jul 28 2012

In which there is a musical interlude

Mere days before Kickoff commences (the beginning of the TFA year, of course), I find myself faced with a conundrum.

A musical conundrum.

My cohort has been asked to send our MTLDs a meaningful song; this is kind of cool and different, a laudable departure from our usual pattern of PD.

However, I find it stressful.*

Confession: I have a really weird taste in music.  As in, I actually don’t have a taste in music.  In middle school and high school when everyone else was forming their preferences, I just listened to a lot of musicals.

I blame theater camp.

98% of the rest of my iPod is an amalgamation of my friends’ music collections, presented in a variety of twenty-first century mix tapes, Christmas/Hanukkah presents, and recommendations from years past.  I’m actually that girl who genuinely likes a little bit of everything and acutely dreads producing a statement about my musical palate (it is the question I dread most on first dates/at mixers/during icebreakers/almost whenever.  Just saying).

Naturally, I began my search with my Institute play list.  Leavin’ on a Jet Plane just didn’t seem to strike the right cord (haha, get it, cord/chord?  If only they wanted my best musical pun…).  Purpose, from Avenue Q, was also not appropriate.   Abba’s Waterloo was also probably not exactly what they were looking for.

Then I scrolled through my entire iTunes library.  I came close to selecting “Chapter Four, Track Seven” of the Twilight audiobook.  (Stop judging, I used to shelve books in a library for a living.  You get desperate for entertainment.  Really, stop judging.  Please?)  I lingered on Disney’s Greatest, Volumes 1 and 2.  I’ll Make a Man Out of You does summarize my first year of teaching effectively, with a marvelous Donny Osmond twist, but the whole part about cutting gym class just doesn’t work in a room full of teachers.  Maybe some Ke$ha?  Miley Cyrus?  Kanye?  Spice Girls?  Queen?  Tim McGraw?  Anything ever covered by Glee?

Top 40 seems wrong when you’re searching for musical meaning surrounding the achievement gap, but then again so does the indie/hipster portion of my eclectic collection (too pretentious?).

Should I revert to seventh grade and pull out my extensive collection of Andrew Lloyd Weber classics?  Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina, seems a little melodramatic, since I’m not actually Eva Peron.

Suffice to say that the search continues.  Suggestions are welcomed;  I have 2 days.  Come on people, make me look (sound?) good.




*This is perhaps due to the lack of real stress in my life.  In two weeks when I have to face planning/grading/managing/5 AM again, please remind me that I thought that picking a song was stressful.  And then laugh at me a little.  And then also please give me a hug, speak to me in a low and soothing voice, and let me bake 5 or 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

4 Responses

  1. Jessie

    “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (Billy Joel) is bound to be a hit with the history teachers, but may be too suggestive for would-be arsonists…
    Bon Jovi’s “We Weren’t Born to Follow” isn’t about education specifically, but it is about struggle and leadership and believing in what you’re doing. (Also check out “Work for the Working Man”.)

  2. Michelle

    Katy Perry ‘Firework’? Or some other song about how awesome you/we are if you just believe it…Lady Gaga probably has something in that line of thought (but appropriate…that’s another question). Good luck!

  3. Ms D


    2 Legit 2 Quit by MC Hammer

  4. Michelle

    OK…found the Lady Gaga I was thinking of “Edge of Glory”…I’m on the edge….of glory and I’m hanging on the edge with you….or something like that, check it out!

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