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Jul 12 2012

In which it’s like being 8 months pregnant with 125 eleven-year-olds

Mind blown by that simile?

Today is July 12th.  On August 13th (one month + one day from today, in case that wasn’t clear), a brand new troop of precious angels will be beating down my classroom door.

So basically, I’m nesting.  Here’s how:

  • Making 12,000 new posters.
  • Crocheting an afghan (it’s soothing…)
  • Checking out picture books from the public library (for read alouds… really…)
  • Planning.  You know, idealistically.
  • Sniffling (only occasionally)
  • Reading teaching books (They’re like What to Expect… but probably with more references to detention and diagnosing difficulties with decoding)

I could extend this simile further and explain how the second year (second pregnancy) is stressful, but in a different way than the first time around, but that seems self-evident based entirely on my theoretical (and not practical) knowledge of both pregnancy and most facets of teaching.

Maybe this just means that the answer to all classroom problems is some sort of giant mobile that would hypnotize soothe the souls of all 125 simultaneously.  I have noted in the past that Jolly Ranchers have pacifier-like effects on sixth graders…

I’m liking this simile more and more.

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