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Jun 11 2012

In which I am verbose

I have this new resolution.  I’m only writing things when I actually have something to say.  This includes text messages (I don’t really need to reply if you sent me, “k”), emails (if there isn’t a TFA “action item,” I don’t need to take action), and blog posts.

The school year is now well and truly over, so there’s really not much to blog about.  I could write about my travels (you don’t care) or my reading list (it’s not that interesting).  I could tell you at length, ad nauseum, about the quantity and quality of dessert items that my mother/brother/father had in stock when I walked through the door of my parents’ house this week (that would just make you jealous).  I could even provide you with yet another list of things I have done to amuse myself since I bid farewell to the troop of twelve year olds that I called students (I did that already).

I could write an Insitute advice post (Wrote it last year –

I could send an uplifting, light-hearted, loving, second-year welcome to the first-years gathered in my region for Induction (we have people who are actually, you know, in closer actual proximity who are doing that).

I could reflect inspirationally about the achievement gap and describe the venn diagram which could be constructed based on the similarities and differences of the school district I teach in and the one I grew up in (because that wouldn’t be out of character).

But clearly, I don’t really have anything to say about any of these subjects.

And 261 words later, I find that I have broken my nascent* resolution.



*third use of the word nascent in this blog.  Yes I’m still counting.

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