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Jun 03 2012

In which it lingers

This is a new level of restlessness to which I am unaccustomed.

Nothing is more appealing to a teacher than the thought of summer vacation.  It seems blissfully limitless, peaceful, restorative, and a slew of other adjectives that cannot be applied to the school year.  For 10 months, summer was the somewhat seductive light at the end of a long, ugly tunnel.  As unsettled (or rather, confused) as I felt last Friday, waving goodbye to busloads of children as they pulled away from school, I knew that I was about to embark on the best nine weeks of my short life.

I definitely didn’t think I’d already be bored.

Something weird happens when you go from 60 to 0 in mere seconds.  Your body can’t quite adjust, or maybe it’s your mind.  Here’s the list of things I have done to keep myself busy since May 25th, 1:06 PM

  1. Cleaned out a year’s worth of papers from junk mail to student work to crap I saved from Institute
  2. Baked cookies
  3. Gone to two different farmer’s markets
  4. Texted incessantly
  5. Gone to two different outdoor concerts
  6. Read on my balcony
  7. Helped paint a friend’s house
  8. Read in the park
  9. Run
  10. Walked to the grocery store/to my EOYC/to the coffee shop instead of driving
  11. Eaten a lot of FroYo
  12. Made appointments with doctors
  13. Cleaned the grout in my kitchen
  14. Watched a lot of TV of variable quality
  15. Draino’d every drain in my bathroom
  16. Eavesdropped involuntarily on incredibly loud neighborhood drama at 1 AM

And most terrifyingly, as of this morning…

17. Hauled out the new sixth grade textbooks and started breaking down long term plans, researching interactive notebooks, and sketching out hourly/weekly blocks for August.

If that is not a forewarning of insanity, I’m not sure what is.  Last night a friend, who still has 9 instructional days left, had to stop me as I yammered on about teaching to ask me what the heck I was doing, I was free.

Oh well.  I’ll start being a human again eventually.

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