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May 23 2012

In which there are numbers

I need make only one more peanut butter sandwich.  I only have to eat two more, which means that in three days I can eat an infinite array of lunch possibilities if I so choose. 

I only have to hear my phone go off at 5 AM two more times.  I only have to limit myself to a single snooze two more times.  I only have to get in my car and drive north in the semi-dark two more times.

I still have to drive home three more times.

On three more occasions, I need to stand my ground during the gauntlet known as morning breakfast duty, although I will say, “Please go to the gym or to the cafeteria,” to approximately 4,000,321 children.  Or maybe just to the same three children 1,333,440.3 times. 

I have one more TFA meeting and two more school staff meetings.  I will see each of my one-hundred-and-some students three more times, except for my homeroom kids who will show up six more times. 

I will discard an unimaginable number of used papers, pencils.

I will enter one more graded assignment into the computer, and generate a final behavior comment for each  precious angel – (Number 54, disruptive; Number 52, talks instead of working; Number 19, cooperative and pleasant). 

And at 1:06 PM on Friday, May 25th, I will let out one big sigh of relief and surprise that Year 1 has ended and I have survived.

2 Responses

  1. mentor

    Well sd….I only have to eat tuna 1 more time…lose my enthusiasm one more time…hug n tell them I love them one more time…get to c my mentee 2 more times…n blindly walk thru breakfast duty 2 more times…pray for everyone the rest of my life….love you…FOREVER!

  2. Michelle

    71 tends to socialize and distract others, 48 has a failing homework grade, 86 low scores on tests and quizzes, 17 working concentiously, 33 pleasure to have in class (yes, I have those)…best of luck and enjoy summer!

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