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Apr 06 2012

In which all was well

This week…

  1. One of my children asked if my haircut could be considered a mullet.  I said that I hoped not.
  2. I spent the last 10 minutes of the day on Wednesday cycling between every accent that I can reasonably attempt, much to the delight of 50% of my sixth hour class.   The other 50% were baffled, or were contemplating beating the stuffing out of one another, and therefore were less entranced.
  3. I met for the first time with my slightly diminished TFAmily, now that one of our number has escaped the Show Me State for happier pastures.  We wished her godspeed from our remote location, and drowned our sadness in $4 Trader Joe’s wine and homemade cookies.
  4. I threatened my second hour with a “problem or solution” call for everyone in the class.  Sadly, now I have to do it.
  5. I had to video tape myself teaching.  Then I had to watch myself teaching.  Then I had to make a list of everything that I stink at.  Then I had to eat a piece of chocolate, because there are still too many things that I stink at, and when I eat chocolate it seems better.  I mean not really, because I still stink, but at least I’m eating chocolate.
  6. I spent the last two hours of the day on Thursday using a management strategy that I like to call, “Mega Ice B****.”  For two hours I showed no emotion.  It was neither fun, nor was it instructionally productive, but did seem to suck some of the behavioral nonsense out of them.
  7. I attended a four hour happy hour with Team Sixth Grade after school on Thursday, in which we discussed golf (no clue), what does and does not constitute a sport (also no clue), the definition of “tool” (apparently I’ve been using it incorrectly), how we can turn our hallway into less of a hot mess for the next school year (so productive), various bodily functions adored by middle schoolers (specifically the fart fascination), and the varying states of our personal and professional lives (endlessly fascinating – don’t you know teachers sleep on cots that we keep tucked underneath our desks and live on pop tarts purchased from the faculty vending machine?).
  8. I did not have to go to work today (thank you Jesus, literally), and it was lovely, although it did involve multiple frank conversations about my career trajectory with multiple people.  It also involved fro yo and Greek food, so all was well.
  9. I got into the bad habit of always knowing precisely the number of instructional days between now and the end of the school year.  It’s 35.

3 Responses

  1. Pamela Jenkins

    Most loved statement–”Thank you, Jesus…(literally). Am I rubbing off on you? Glad you enjoyed your day off n hope your career trajectory still places you in my life…love you KatB

  2. Michelle

    RE: what constitutes a sport…one definition I heard recently is any event where your opponent can do something to impede your ability/progress to reach your goal. Therefore, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, badminton, wrestling, and chess count as sports. The rest are just athletic events where you have no control over your opponents outcome, only yours. Makes for interesting debate, don’t you think?

  3. Anonymous

    Always enjoy your posts but don’t always tell you that. I am remembering last Easter which you shared with me, John and our friend, Kim. This year I will have supper with my brother and his family. On my way down I will stop at Rural King to buy some shoes that are safe for mowing the lawn, an activity I have recently taken up! Have a Blessed Easter.

    Love, Aunt Jerri

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