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Mar 16 2012

In which there is stream of consciousness

Random thoughts:
Taken from the morning drive to North County.
Recorded during the last commute before Spring Break, en route to the final four hours of parent-teacher conferences.
Influenced by the heavenly aroma of STL Bread Co. bagels for the team in the front seat.


  • Why is pulchritude such an ugly word when it means, “beauty”? [really, I actually thought about this this morning.]
  • How can I teach the children the word pulchritude, just for kicks?
  • Why is this person driving 30 miles an hour (don’t they know that the “speed suggestion” is 35)?
  • I wonder if my hair is sticking up in back.
  • I wonder if my dress is too short for parent-teacher conferences.
  • Where did I leave my pen?
  • And my other pen?
  • And that third pen?
  • Will we make any parents and/or children cry today?
  • If my flight on Monday is before 7 AM, when do I need to leave for the airport?
  • Really, why is this person still driving 30 miles an hour?
  • Would I have shorter conversations with parents if I taught Math instead of Comm. Arts?
  • How many Spring Break homework packets did I pick up off of the floor yesterday?
  • I love this song!
  • How many times have I driven over/past this particular road kill specimen this week?
  • Really, 25 miles an hour?
  • Am I really going to run Lit Circles after the MAP?
  • Those bagels sure smell good.
  • What does one pack for a trip to the Grand Canyon?
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
  • Will there be any left-overs from the principal’s birthday cake?
  • I wonder what, “The Best Tripe in St. Louis,” tastes like.

And, as always,


In other news, I am about to experience 9 beautiful days with no children at all.  This seems remarkable.  How good will my world smell?  So.  Good.  Pretty scenery, family, and no children.  Hiking, mule rides, and no children.  Reading ridiculous mystery novels, painting my nails, and no children.  I appreciate Spring Break as a teacher so much more than I did as a kid…




[update: if you’re curious… Since discussing last week’s Situation with my principal (he had No Idea That This Had Happened.  He Will Get Right On It)… Nothing has happened!  Quelle surprise!  


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