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Feb 25 2012

In which I am all seven dwarfs

Doc…  Teaching as Leadership right?  If Doc applied to TFA he’d be all up on that TAL rubric.

Grumpy… Sometimes after I have said, “Please go to the cafeteria, please go to the gym, please get in line for breakfast, please take a seat, please don’t throw that milk carton,” for the 23,000,000th  time in a single morning, I start to be a bit cranky.  But much like the dwarf, I still run to the little angels when they’re in trouble.

Happy… I never thought that I’d get to be the joyous dwarf, but there are now parts of my life that don’t suck.  One way or another, the coping mechanisms are working.  I think being happier with life is making me happier with the children, but it’s hard to say empirically.  And besides, they were pretty darn annoying by the end of this week.

Sleepy… I am approaching Institute levels of sleepiness, even though I’m probably sleeping more and better than I did in the dorms of IIT.  Why is this?

Bashful…  This one is ironic, because in my lifetime of social awkwardness, I have never been less shy.  I can find several reasons for this.  A) I spend my lifetime talking to children.  All day, all day I am in front of small people, talking.  B) Social interactions with adults seem lower-stakes.  Perhaps because I don’t spend all of my waking hours with my peers or proximate peers, I don’t feel the need to be the constantly veneered version of myself.

Sneezy… Always sneezy.  So sneezy.  Allergies, cold germs, everything.  Endlessly sneezy.  I will never stop sneezing.  It’s pretty gross.

Dopey… It’s hard to suck at something for this long, and not feel somewhat “dopey.”  Furthermore, this particular dwarf’s nonverbal nature is often appealing at the moment of deepest confusion.


Other thoughts: I am watching When Harry Met Sally as I write this, and realized that Sally uses the phrase, “You’re going with her,” at the beginning of the movie.  And I thought of my children and their adorable on-again, off-again relationships.  I asked recently and apparently there’s one sixth grade couple who have “gone together” for 9 months.  I find this startlingly impressive, even by middle school standards.

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