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Feb 10 2012

In which there is a giant tease

When I first started working at my school, t-minus 7 months ago, I was literally told almost immediately about my district’s love of snow days.  “We get off for everything!” they gleefully told me, “Even the tiniest flurries!”

Naturally, this has resulted in me waking up whenever there is the slightest hint of a chance of snow with a mind full of hope, joy, and confidence that the ever reliable will inform me that, “Yes Ms. B., today is the day, go back to sleep because the weather is far too inclement for you or the children to travel to school.”

Here is the confluence of unfortunate happenstances that has created the world’s most giant tease.

  • Global warming is clearly present and among us, because this winter has been freakishly warm.  This is my 5th winter in the city, ironically the only one that I have spent driving everywhere instead of walking everywhere, and now it decides to be a temperate zone?  REALLY?
  • My district has apparently developed a stronger stomach for ice and snow, because even when the roads were so bad that teachers were 3 hours late for school, we still had a day of teaching and learning (read: UTTER CHAOS).
  • Even though it was supposed to still be snowing at 4, 5, and 6 two mornings this week… it wasn’t.

Giant, giant tease.

Here’s the other big tease of my teaching life this week: the despair has begun to recede.  Things aren’t better (HEAVEN forbid), but I have become a person again which is lovely.  I knew I was getting better when my sixth hour was irritating beyond all belief today and I followed up, “You’re driving me up a wall!” with, “and what type of figurative language was that?”

And lord knows the children couldn’t come up with, “an idiom,” but they sure were more excited about trying to guess than they would have been if I had just asked the question under normal circumstances.

In the past few weeks, people have told me lovely things about myself as a teacher.  They have told me some, don’t be shocked now, nice things that my kids say about me.  Some of this is a wonderful boost out of the (let’s go ahead and be melodramatic) abyss, and some of it just seems to be a tease for when things will inevitably get hard and dark and dank and depressing once again.

For now though, I’ll take the tease.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSS!! This sounds strikingly familiar. IE, exactly how I felt one year ago.

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