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Jan 28 2012

In which I look at my life

I try very very hard to be very very honest on this blog.

That sounds like an easy thing to do, especially since I’m a sixth grade teacher who spends her life trying to separate strands of truth and fiction from children who insist that they need to go to the bathroom/counselor/nurse/principal/other teacher RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT ACTUALLY 5 MINUTES AGO.

Honesty is, and should be, refreshing.

Sometimes I can’t be honest – because it interferes with the delicate line that maintains my sanity, privacy, and safety, not to mention my students’ undeniable right to privacy.  And those are the weeks that I don’t blog.  Like last week, like this past week.

I know that I still can’t write the story of the past 2 weeks, that it would be stupid to put the details on the interweb for public consumption.  Ask me about them in 4 months and I’ll be happy to tell you everything.  Honestly.

So on to to other things.  (did you enjoy that teaser?  I’m trying to ensure that all of you purchase my TFA tell all.  I’m open to title suggestions).

  • Since college, I have had some things that are unforgivably dilapidated and dorm-y that I have transposed into post-grad life.  Like my classy laundry carrying device, aka a free laundry bag from the bookstore, acquired as an incentive whilst selling back text books.  Today, classy lady that I am, I upgraded my life.  I bought real laundry baskets, new towels, other accouterments of an adult existence.  Yes, I still sleep on an air mattress – but my laundry no longer screams I LIVE IN A DORM and I feel that this is progress.
  • My children are starting their first class novel next week.  I am highly terrified, because I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING, but it seems ridiculous not to try.  Right?
  • One of my absolutely favorite people from Chi. Institute is coming to St. Louis to visit this weekend and I am so excited.  I am fortunately almost kind of sort of caught up on work, and will have maximum time to spend frolicking in this city rather than sitting in my apartment, ruing my day.
  • UMSL classes started this week.  We’ll leave that there.
  • On Friday I watched the first 45 minutes of Hercules 5 times and handed out 100 bags of hot cheetos to children.  But actually, that’s what happened.  I <3 bribery.  So much for intrinsic motivation.

And now I’m off to finish my unit plan.  Yay?

3 Responses

  1. els

    if a teacher insists they don’t use bribery, I’d suggest a thorough search of their classroom to back up their claim :). bribery rocks!

  2. Michelle

    It’s not called bribery, Piaget called it “conditioning” (be good, get good stuff)

  3. G

    Totally agree with Els and Michelle…:)

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